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Thursday 24 October 2002


Is this possibly the most compact polo bat ever?

This revolutionary design is aimed at the "Canoepolo" traveller. Its convenient size allows it to be carried onto aircraft as hand luggage and placed in the over head locker. Its amazing design is based on the popular Vampire Bat with special enhancements making it conform to the "dense-pack" system.

No other polo bat allows such easy transport as the CUTBAT which will fit in any boot, backpack and most suit cases.

How can I get the CUTBAT?

Just send $100 and I will promptly send you detailed instructions, a stencil, permanent marker and a tungsten-carbide jigsaw blade. Then all you need is a standard Vampire Bat and a jigsaw. Within 20 minutes, you too will have a CUTBAT.

Don't hesitate, your CUTBAT is just $100 away.

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