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Tuesday, 4 July 2006

Paddling Porn

Here are the 3 chapters from a DVD - Wild Water West - that Hamish and Hew put together after a fantastic summer of paddling here in the West.

The 1st chapter is a day we had at Bells Rapid, about 30mins from Perth on the Avon river... my rolling demonstrates why I don't swim... that and the carton of beer at the end :)

The 2nd chapter is the mighty Murchison river (see the story written for WS) which was absolutely fantastic. The scenery, the big waves and the great music... they have piped music all the way down the river... obviously ;)

The 3rd chapter is just some people doing a drop on the Lower Murray... hopefully we will get a DVD this winter of our paddling on the Murray. It is a fantastic river

Anyway, the full DVD is available on request.

If you can't play these moves, you need to get the latest version of Apple's Quicktime or download VLC or MPlayer which can all play these highly compressed files (H264 codec).

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