Some people come here for my Fortran page. Others want my PhD thesis titled Quantum Waveguide Theory (which is available from the UWA library) or my Honours thesis titled Quantum Chaos in Second Harmonic Generation - Stu.

Thursday 23 December 2004

Now I'm naffed

Bugger. After spilling a drink of green cordial into the keyboard of my PowerBook (just 6 months old) I am left to marvel Apple's design. Its great that the keyboard is effectively sealed from the rest of the keyboard. So my drink didn't make it to the electronics. That's good.

BUT, how do you clean it? I pulled the machine apart (there are a LOT of small screws) with the hope of pulling the keyboard off and cleaning it. But its sealed... so I have to put up with a few sticky keys. Everything in the lower left quadrant is somewhat slow to respond. Oh well.

Monday 20 December 2004

Santa visits BGCC

Santa found his way to the BGCC christmas party again. The kids love it.

Saturday 18 December 2004

No longer naffed

Got annoyed enough with sticky keys that I gently pried them off the keyboard. Turned out the cordial had glued the little hinges together in the keys. Soaked them in water for a few minutes, put them back on and keyboard is back to normal. Well, except that I accidently put a few on upside down and can't be bothered fixing them.

Wednesday 8 December 2004

Rule 1 (for the thrifty Australian in the US)

If you stand at the coke machine long enough, get the trajectory and velocity correct and just the right hip nudge, you can trick the coke machine into accepting an Australian 10c bit as a quarter. That makes it 40c for a "Mug Root Beer" rather than USD1 (or AUD1.41). That's an excellent saving :)

Guideline for share house living

To ensure a harmonious existance in a share house, make sure your tolerance for mess is slightly higher than everyone elses.

Monday 6 December 2004

Recent Canoepolo Photos

A selection of some recent photos. Some lovely women and some um... ah... lovely men?