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Thursday, 4 February 2010

Great internet day

Finally, iiNet won somehow I feel an appeal coming :)

Monday, 1 February 2010

Sad, terribly sad.

 My father and I were sitting in my brothers flat in Barcelona, a little bored.  We turned on the teev and searched for English channels.  Nothing.  Finally we settled on this ripper.  A lusty-busty-blonde standing on the screen encouraging people to ring in and guess the amount of euro on the screen (well, that's what we think she was saying) and win upto 50000 Euros.
When someone rang in, she would shout out "Hola solucion"... and wobble her ample chest.  Gold.

The sad part... we watched this for 3hrs waiting for the final answer, only to be told that they will continue the next night... and that's where it gets terribly sad.  We tuned in the next night and watched for another 2hrs only to have the competition close without an answer!

What to wear to work now?

I had a disaster today.  I had a thong-blow-out.  What will I wear to work now?

I've super-glued it up... lets see how long it lasts.