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Wednesday 11 July 2001


My good friend Tim recently decided to make a bottle of hang-over cure by pre-mixing Panadol in a 2L coke bottle (later to be a mixture of Panadol and sports drink). After some thought, he dropped the makers of Panadol a short message (names removed):
Dear Tim,
     Thank you for your enquiry regarding our product, Panadol* Clear.
     This is an off-label unapproved mode of use. We cannot recommend such
     use without health authority approval. As this is not a recognised
     mode of use we would have no data to support product efficacy under
     the suggested storage conditions.

     Please do no hesitate to contact us should you require additional

     Yours sincerely
     Consumer Product - Information Officer

     ____________________Reply Separator____________________
     Subject:  Medical / Product, **********
     Author:   Tim **********
     Date:          2/06/2001 7:52

Name: Tim **********
Email: **********
Address: **********
Message: Does panadol clear keep in it's aqueous form?  I'm thinking of 
keeping a bottle in the fridge for those mega-hangovers and was wondering 
how long it would last while remaining effective.

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