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Thursday 10 May 2001

New Job

Recently I accepted a job with the ANU Super Computer Facility as an academic consultant on the new APAC 420 processor super computer. Colin (not the pengiun) was on the ball and challenged me to write a computer program that meets the following criteria:
  1. When running, it consumes all avaliable CPU resources
  2. The program shall produce "nothing useful"
    1. The "nothing useful" should be "clever" and relavent to todays technology
    2. "Clever" means that when people read about it they will say "that's quite neat, completely useless, but neat"
    3. The "nothing useful" will be understandable by the layman
  3. The production of "nothing useful" will be done in world record time
  4. The program will take an infinite amount of time to run
So, the challenge is out. Any ideas what I could do?

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